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Two Brown Dogs has Moved!

After eight years at our 520-11th Street East location we have moved to new digs. As of September 4th we are located at Sola Dog Salon and Daycare at 752-1st Street in Brandon.

The move decreases our space somewhat but also provides an opportunity to make changes that have been discussed for some time.

Our mandate has always been family pet dogs but we are now focussing on pet dogs and the skills they and their owners need in more structured way. Classes will be smaller (maximum six dogs) so instruction can be tailored to the needs of your family and home. All basic classes continue; Puppy Head Start, Puppy II, Good Dog I as well as more advanced classes Walk Nicely and Good Dog II. The semi-private classes for reactive and fearful dogs associated with behavior assessment also continue.

It is with sadness that we leave our current location. It has served us very well and there are many things about the setup that are really strategic for our work with dogs. Sola provides us a similar opportunity and its owner Stephanie has been very welcoming so we are looking forward to this new association.

We welcome you to come and see us in the new space when we are set up in September whether for new classes or a tune up and thank all of you for your support and good work with your dogs over the last eight years.

All contact information remains the same and the Two Brown Dogs website is updated. We are increasing our digital capacity and you will be able to review handouts and demonstration videos on-line as well as submit videos of you working with your dog. We are hopeful this will expand our work to owners who are less able to come for classes on -site. Off-site classes in Killarney and other setting continue.

Group Classes

Puppy Head Start $70.00
Puppy II $85.00
PHS and Puppy II Package $150.00 (Register for both and save $5.00)
Good Dog I and II $85.00

Dogs and Storks (for expectant parents) - by appointment in family home
Good Dog III for Fearful and Reactive Dogs 
(all dogs must come through a behaviour assessment)

Behaviour Consults $300.00 to $400.00 (depending on the needs of dogs and owners, whether more than one dog is assessed and the extent of follow up necessary)

Off-Site Sessions

Killarney: three 2017 sessions completed - next scheduled for 
Saturday January 27th to  February 24th 2018
1030 - 1130

Contact Heather at Killarney Rec