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Brain Games

Brain Games: Basics is a class designed to help both you and your dog have fun while learning advanced tricks and behaviours. The variety of tricks and behaviours taught in this class will:

         Build your confidence as a trainer

         Increase the bond between you and your dog

         Help your shy dog gain confidence

         Help your excitable dog learn self control

         Give your dog the basic skills required for many dog sports including Agility, Flyball, Traditional Obedience, Rally Obedience and Tricks.


Sample Class


Week One (50 minutes)

a)      Introduction to instructor, class and class goals

       i)    Class set up

ii)      Equipment

b)      Discussion of dogs needing to learn to use their bodies as well as their minds

c)      Introduction to luring, shaping, and capturing through basic stretching/strengthening exercises and tricks

i)        Spin/Turn (10 minutes)

ii)      Sit Pretty (10 Minutes)

iii)    Bow (10 Minutes)

d)      Class Review & Homework Assignments 

i)        Remembering to take breaks – even when you’re having fun!

Handouts: Luring, Capturing, Shaping, Spin/Turn, Sit Pretty, Take a Bow

Brain Games: Basics is developed and taught by Ayoka Bubar CPDT-KA owner of Prairie Dog Daycare and one of Two Brown Dogs' certified professional trainers.
This class was formerly called Canine Cross Training and ran in 2010/11. It has been updated to reflect the needs of owners for classes that are fun to take and help build a bond with our dogs.
For more information or to register go to the Class Registration page or contact Ayoka directly at 204-728-DOGS (3647) or

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