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Outdoor Adventure

Most owners can teach their dogs to be good pets in the home, either on their own or with the help of training classes. The biggest challenge comes when you have to 'take your show on the road'. That is when dogs, if they are going to be silly, get REALLY silly. Lunging, pulling, barking, sniffing, trying to run toward everyone, peeing on everything and other behaviours make it really hard for owners to enjoy a ccomfortable walk.

Dog Parks are an option for dogs that cannot walk nicely but dog parks are not for every dog. Some dogs are too small, too stressed, too silly or just downright too hard on other dogs. And then what do you do?

Outdoor Adventure is a five week class that will help you take your show on the road. There will be a training partner for every two dogs and owners - and each week we will take the dogs out for a different challenges. Challenges will include spaces where there are lots of people, spaces where there are other dogs, spaces where there are lots of noise distractions and spaces they are unfamiliar with.

Outdoor Adventure class is Mondays at 7:00 PM Outdoor Adventure is finished for this year. Classes resume Spring 2013.

Class is limited to four owners and dogs.

Pre-requisites - Dogs must be known to Two Brown Dogs and have completed Good Dog II and/or Walk Nicely. Dogs from other training facilities are welcome but must be assessed first by the Training Director.

To register and for more information about class requirements and fees please contact Renee at