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Professional Dog Trainer Certification

Two Brown Dogs Training Director, Renee Will, is very pleased to announce that she and lead trainer, Ayoka Bubar, have achieved certification as Professional Dog Trainers and are entitled to use the initials CPDT-KA after their names.

The certification is administered by the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers.

The Council is a non-profit organization that promotes the delivery of safe and effective dog training through certification. This is accomplished by establishing and maintaining recognized standards of competence for animal training and behavior professionals through criteria based on experience, standardized testing, skills and continuing education, and identifying those individuals to the public.

Certificants, like Ayoka and Renee, have taken and passed the examinations and commit to continuing education to recertify and retain the credential. In Canada there are 108 trainers who hold the CPDT-KA.

To achieve the CPDT-KA Renee and Ayoka had to:

1. provide evidence that we each had at least 300 hours experience in dog training within the last five (5) years.

Two hundred twenty-five (225) hours (75%) of the experience had to be actual teaching hours (group class, private lessons) as a Head Trainer or Instructor (entirely responsible for the class including developing the class plan and preparing all materials). Seventy-five (75) hours (25%) of experience could be in related areas, as in Ayoka's case where the development and delivery of daycare services provides related experience.

2. provide three (3) references, one from a veterinarian, one from a dog training client, and one from a colleague in the canine training and behavior profession.

4. successfully complete the Certification Examination for Professional Dog Trainers -Knowledge Assessed. which we wrote in Minot ND in early September.

5. and, sign and file The CCPDT Code of Ethics to ensure the ethical conduct of trainers in classes and to provide the public with assurance that Two Brown Dogs' Trainers do function within an ethical code.


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