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About Two Brown Dogs

Two Brown Dogs Canine Consultants

Many of us have dogs. Most of us who do want dogs that are friendly happy family members. These dogs need a special kind of training.
Family-friendly dogs need to learn more, much more, than dogs that are trained for a specific purpose or resident dogs, those that stay outside all of the time. Among many other behaviours they need to learn how to:
  • behave in our homes in ways that are safe for all family members, including infants, children and members who might be older, ill or unsteady
  • be friendly to visitors,
  • live in our space without being destructive 
  • settle and be steady when there is lots of activity and stimulation
  • cope with strangers, lots of strangers and lots of noisy strangers such as when kids have friends over
  • be alone when human-only activities take over
  • do anything you can think of that will help you and your dog live comfortably in your home.

Renee Will, Two Brown Dogs' Training Director, has the following credentials that support family-friendly training.

  1. Certified Professional Dog Trainer - CPDT-KA (click here for more information on the CCPDT Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers)
  2. Certified Behaviour Consultant Canine - CBCC-KA also through the CCPDT
  3. Licensed Dogs and Storks and Dog and Kids Presenter - specialized training for expectant families and parents of young children
Two Brown Dogs' Training Director believes your relationship with your dog is your most important training tool. We help you to learn how to develop and use it.   We believe all dogs can be taught to be happy, healthy family pets without the use of dominance or aggression in training. We use no training devices that work by punishing the dog, such as prong, choke or e-collars. We recommend harnesses or head halters for pulling dogs though our preference is a harness as it does not require time for the dog to get used to it and it does not change the dog's ability to communicate with other dogs.
The Training Director recommends you review the following position statements as you decide whether Two Brown Dogs is the training centre for you. The position statements provide backgound information that is consistent with our practices. Please also review and consider the handout on how to choose a dog trainer. Your dog is your best friend and you want someone whose beliefs are consistent with yours, who is well educated and prepared to work with you and your dog, and who is current in the field of dog training.

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour Statement on Punishment

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour Statement on Dominance

How to Choose a Dog Trainer