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Trick Dog

Do More With Your Dog! Association

Trick Dog Performance Title

Earn your Trick Dog Title!


Four titling levels are offered:


            Novice Trick Dog (NTD),

            Intermediate Trick Dog (ITD),

            Advanced Trick Dog (ATD), and

            Expert Trick Dog (ETD).



Novice Trick Dog (NTD)


You and your dog must successfully demonstrate 15 tricks to a witness to earn your TD at the Novice Level. The tricks do not need to be done on the same day or for the same witness. You pick and choose tricks based upon your mutual strengths. With 101 tricks to choose from, you’re sure to find ones that are right for your dog!


The Trick Dog title is a team title, and the same dog/handler team must perform the tricks.

Congratulations to Two Brown Dogs Trainees for achieving your Trick Dog Titles
Eleanor Bradley and Ari NTD, ITD
Ayoka Bubar and Bear NTD, ITD, ATD
Alisa Butler and Barnaby NTD
Donna Dietrich and Billie NTD, ITD, ATD
Shelley Doan and Max NTD
Shelley Done and Sophie NTD
Deb Draper and Jaxon NTD
DawnDena Gordon and Karter NTD
Stephanie Inkster and Astrid NTD
Andrea McEwen and Audris NTD
Bonnie Poets and Rambo NTD (1st Pug to achieve a Trick Dog title)
Siggi Sauereisen and Sampson NTD
Ramona Schreiber and Corey NTD, ITD
Darrell Smith and Lexi NTD, ITD
Lorie Stutsky and Sparkle NTD, ITD
Renee Will and Bella NTD, ITD
Renee Will and Dante NTD
Renee Will and Isis NTD
Michelle Wotton and Dex NTD
Michelle Wotton and Tika NTD