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Dogs and Storks

Dogs & Storks is a nationally recognized program developed in North Carolina by Jennifer Shryock.

The program is designed for expectant parents to help them create a baby and dog-friendly environment in the home. The presentation clears up myths, emphasizes realistic expectations and sets families and their dogs up for success before baby arrives!

Dogs and Storks sessions at Two Brown Dogs are  scheduled by demand. Contact TBD for more information and/or to register.

Expectant parents considering Dogs & Storks as a way to learn how to help their dog be prepared for baby should ideally attend a session in the first or second trimester. Some of the training ideas suggested take time and the more that is done before baby arrives the easier the transition will be for the whole family, including the dog.


From the Dogs & Storks website

  • We empower new and expecting families by providing education on the subtle signs dogs display and what they mean.
  • We offer only dog and baby friendly techniques anyone can do in their own home!
  • We decrease expecting families' stress by hearing any questions or concerns they may have and providing safe, effective and practical solutions using positive training techniques.
  • We help create a safe and fun environment for the entire family.
  • We offer on-going support to all Dogs & Storks families before and after baby arrives.

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To Register contact TBD directly at 728-3647 or