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Fun and Games and Tricks

Fun and Games for Little and Big Dogs
Little dogs have special needs. They do need to learn how to cope in a big dog world but they also need to have opportunities for play and socialization with dogs their own size.
Big dogs also need opportunities for play without owners worrying that little dogs might get hurt. Fun and Games classes give both sizes a chance to mix with others their own size.
Fun and Games is a place where your little dogs can learn and play without the worry of getting knocked over by big dog play and big dog owners do not always have to be saying - Watch the little dog - Watch the little dog. We use tricks and games to teach focus and basic behaviours. Most of the class is off leash so the dogs also learn to pay attention.
Join us!
Brain Games
Brain Games is a foundation class for focus, relationship and dog sports. Dogs and owners must be clicker competent for this class.
Tricks are taught in all classes as a way to use games and play to teach and train. Check out our Trick Dog page.

We just wanted to let you know how much we loved the fun and games classes and would highly recommend them to anyone.  There was no pressure and it was a very relaxed atmosphere, which was exactly what we were looking for. The obstacle course was a lot of fun.  We would definitely like to know about upcoming classes for the “little dog gang”. We are trying to keep them busy over the winter and they love coming there.  Thanks again.