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Two Brown Dogs has
Flexible Enrolment
  • start classes when you want - when it works for your schedule not ours
  • if you miss a class - continue where you left off the following week - there is time allocated to make up one missed class
  • start your puppy in classes when it is the right age - not when the class session starts

  • Puppy Head Start must be completed by the time your puppy is 17 weeks old
  • Puppy II and Good Dog I must be completed within seven weeks of the first class

  • Class fee must be paid in full at the start of classes

Class Registration Form (PDF)

Class Registration Form (Word)

At Two Brown Dogs we believe small class sizes allow for personal attention and a friendly, safe and effective learning environment. Classes are limited to 8 dogs and have two trainers in attendance.
Space Available to Rent Saturdays 1:00 to 3:00 PM - Equipment available
$12.60 per person - minimum $25.00 per hour
Additional classes of Puppy II and/or Good Dog I may be added depending on demand.

Puppy Head Start $70.00
Six-week regular classes $80.00
Puppy II
Good Dog I
Good Dog II

Contact us for fee information for assessments and reactive and fearful dog classes.