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Registration for Classes

Two Brown Dogs Canine Consultants

Puppy Head Start is for puppies ages eight to 16 weeks

All puppies must complete a minimum of three weeks of class (of six in total)

All puppies must start class by before they are 13 weeks old in order to complete the necessary classes before they are 16 weeks old.

These requirements follow the guidelines of the American and Canadian Veterinary Associations ensuring that puppies receive appropriate experiences at key developmental life stages.

Class Registration Form (PDF)

Class Registration Form (Word)

At Two Brown Dogs we believe small class sizes allow for personal attention and a friendly, safe and effective learning environment. Classes are limited to 6 dogs. The first class of any session is required in order to introduce you and your dog to the basics of the training protocol. We try to accommodate illness of owner or dog but as we carry a wait list due to our small class size you may be asked to wait until the next session.

Additional classes of Puppy II and/or Good Dog I may be added depending on demand.

Puppy Head Start $75.00
Six-week regular classes $90.00
Puppy II
Good Dog I
Good Dog II

Contact us for fee information for assessments and reactive and fearful dog classes.