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Dogs with 'Issues'

Basic obedience and socialization classes are a must for all dogs but some dogs and owners require specialized teaching and training to manage unacceptable behaviour.
At Two Brown Dogs we define unacceptable behaviour as any behaviour that makes it difficult for you to live in harmony with your dog in your home. Some examples of behaviours we have dealt with are:
  • fearful, reactive behaviour to other dogs, people or both including biting
  • destructive behaviour in the home not related to separation anxiety
  • separation distress and separation anxiety in consultation with your veterinarian
  • resource guarding of varied resources - food, toys, people, space, the yard
  • lunging, pulling and barking behaviour on leash
  • incessant barking
  • fighting between dogs in multiple dog households
In organized classes, including our own, class size, differences in dogs and owners, and different ideas about training make it difficult for unacceptable behaviours to be dealt with.
Dogs that fit this profile will be seen in a full behaviour assessment before participating in the Good Dog III class. Owners must commit to the assessment and six weeks of classes. We recommend private classes for dogs and owners that are needing extra help. Because behaviour may be influenced by your dog's health we will also recommend a veterinary assessment (if one has not been completed) to rule out any complicating health problem.

Behaviour Consults:
All dogs will be assessed, using an approved and tested tool, before a behaviour management plan is created. Assessment takes 2 to 2 1/2 hours and needs to include the dog and as many family members involved as possible. 
The fee for an assessment and class session is $210.00 plus GST. Additional fees will be charged if more than one dog per family is assessed. 
Private classes:
Private classes are recommended for dogs who need training but do not have significant issues or whose owners cannot attend regularly scheduled classes. Classes are 1 hour and the cost is $50.00 plus GST or 4 classes for $175.00 plus GST.

Please contact us at (204) 728-DOGS [3647] for more information and an appointment.

Two Brown Dogs trainers use only positive reinforcement methods for training. We follow the advice and guidelines of experienced and well-respected trainers including Susan Ailsby, Jean Donaldson, Patricia McConnell, Leslie McDevitt, Karen Pryor, Kathy Sdao and Grisha Stewart.

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