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Two Brown Dogs Canine Consultants

Certified Professional Dog Training
and Behaviour Consultancy

Two Brown Dogs Canine Consultants provide family-friendly education and training for new and experienced dog owners. Whether you have dogs, dogs and kids, want happy friendly family dogs, dogs that will perform in dog sports or anything in between - we can help.  
Two Brown Dogs has the only Certified Professional Dog Trainers in western Manitoba and the only Certified Behaviour Consultants-Canine in the province. Certification ensures that your dog's trainers are current, knowledgeable in scientific principles of learning and training and are able to assess your dog and tailor training and training plans to your needs.
The site is dedicated to the two brown dogs that first involved us in training and dog sports ...
Nanomie and Mukluk  
Dr. Renee Will CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA
Training Director


Two Brown Dogs
Canine Consultants
752 - 1st Street
Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
R7A 2X4


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